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06It is said that to tell stories is what makes us human, and we are in part defined by the narratives we create. Story is the language of memory. It nurtures our artistic impulses and entices us to dream. Since 2007, The Library has provided a space for guests to flourish – a blank “page” where one  can  be  inspired  to  write  his  or  her  own  story. 

This  year,  the  iconic  hotel  in  Koh  Samui reinforces  its  keen  connection  with  the  Arts by  inviting  4  creative  talents  to produce  a  set  of  original  artworks,  culminating  in  a  group  exhibition  in  December for  the  benefit  of  2  local  charities:  the  Samui  Learning  Centre  for  Children  with  Special  Needs  and  the  Dog  and  Cat  Rescue  Samui Foundation. The Library is proud to present its main campaign for 2018 called “The Storytellers”.

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Watch the video about the first invited ‘storyteller’ – French visionary artist painter Lucas Beaufort

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