Our ethos is

To meet the needs of our business without compromising ​the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

SLC Representation follows three sustainability principles:


  • We seek to reduce energy consumption in our offices through signage to remind team members to switch off lights and machines whilst not in use​
  • We use webinars and virtual conferencing where appropriate to cut our travel footprint ​
  • Where possible we purchase greener office supplies and use local suppliers​
  • We aim to be a paper-free office by the end of 2020​
  • We use a carbon footprint calculator to measure our Greenhouse Gas emissions and track our progress 


  • We regularly engage with our team to ensure the development of sustainable practices in their practices in and outside of work 
  • We value the mental and physical health of our employees. We encourage regular physical activity to achieve this principle with employee access to a fitness watch and contribution to a gym membership


  • SLC values include honesty and inclusion. We are members of the TTG Diversity Charter
  • The business encourages each employee to give back to society by enabling them to take a day out of the office annually to volunteer for a charity or project


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