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Huen Bon Suite Interior 1August 6, 2018, Chiang Mai, Thailand–Raya Heritage introduces an all-new approach to
resort design with its recent opening in the northern Thai capital of Chiang Mai. Nestled in
a lush green garden on the banks of the Ping River, Raya Heritage is just a 20-minute drivefrom the town centre, yet a world away in ambience.


Inspired by the artistry and craftmanship of Lanna, a kingdom that once encompassed
northern Thailand as well as northern Laos, Myanmar’s Shan State and Yunnan, China,
Raya Heritage blends the simple charm and character of Lanna’s past with discreet,
personalised service and state-of-the-art guest comfort.
Thirty-three spacious suites set in lush gardens overlook the tranquil Ping River in
low-impact, three-storey buildings designed by Thai architect Boonlert Hemvijitraphan.
Terracotta tiles, hipped roof gables, vintage hard wood columns and beams, and
mulberry-paper screens evoke traditional northern Thai design while high ceilingsand a colour palette of whites and creams give the interiors a light contemporary
twist. The suites’ generous outdoor verandas facing the river hark back to a time
when villagers gathered on their front porches in the evening, chatting together and
sharing the day’s stories.
Designer Vichada Sitakalin decorated the resort with beautifully curated, one-of-a-kind
furniture pieces, artefacts and accessories, sourced from and often created by local
craftspeople using traditional techniques. “Sustainability is very important to me,” says
Vichada about her design philosophy. “I appreciate culture. I appreciate craftsmanship.
I appreciate the old ways of doing things and the way people in the past approached
artistic endeavours as a part of everyday life. In the past, people were much better at
sustainability than we are today. ‘Organic’ wasn’t a novel concept back then, it was a way
of life. This is only being rediscovered now as we start to realize how far we have gotten
away from balanced living.”