Latest News

Our organic ‘Enchanted Garden’ is producing so many varieties of herbs and vegetables that we’re currently harvesting almost half of our daily kitchen needs fresh daily right from our very own garden! We’re also able to expand our cooking class activities to include traditional curry making and traditional coconut milk making classes, newly introduced in 2019.

In our quest for artisanal partnerships in various aspects of guest experiences, we’re excited to introduce a new addition to our wine offerings, organic ‘Golden Wine’ from Florette, Italy.

From June onward, we’re raising our commitment to sustainability with sustainable seafoods. Our Executive Chef has visited local markets and fishing communities in search of reliable, like-minded suppliers, ensuring that fish is line caught within 10-20 Km from Phuket only. Guests may expect to see such varieties as snappers, pomfrets, and monk fish on the menu, with seasonal availability.

Also on our path toward sustainability, our Executive Retreats are more mindful than ever with ‘Zero Waste’ meetings. Guests can expect to see no plastic bottles and packaging, and food waste is managed with onsite composting for our garden, for example. We will also be introducing our ‘Food for Thought’ coffee breaks that are inventive, healthy and fun for guests to experience authentic Keemala.

Going back to the roots of our Phuket culture, Keemala has added a special ‘Samrab Phuket’ set menu featuring traditional Phuket dishes such as Moo Hong (stewed pork belly) and Gaeng-Pu Mee-Hoon (rice noodles with crab curry). A perfect meal for two. Available for lunch or dinner, reservations required.