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In keeping with our aim to reduce single use plastics, Thala has introduced complimentary water bottles as gifts for in-house guests.

These beautiful stainless steel refillable bottles are made from 100% recyclable materials and come with a bamboo screw top lid. When you check in to Thala you’ll find your bungalow fridge stocked with a complimentary take-home water bottle for each (adult) guest. It will be filled and chilled prior to your arrival so you’ll have cool, fresh water to drink. Of course, you could also reach for a cold beer or glass of wine – we won’t judge! Replenish your water bottle at the newly installed filtered water dispenser in the lobby, or straight from the tap in your bungalow! Thala is located above an underground aquafer and their ground water is some of the purest water you’re likely to taste.
With Advanced Accreditation and Green Travel Leader status from EcoTourism Australia and 20 years as one of Australia’s leading eco retreats, Thala Beach Nature Reserve aim to be responsible global citizens by minimising environmental footprint and cut out single-use plastics wherever possible. The resort has already done away with plastic straws in favour of recyclable paper straws and take away coffee cups are made from recyclable materials.
As the amount of single-use plastic in the world’s oceans continues to grow, National Geographic has announced a new global commitment to tackle this pressing problem. In May 2018, National Geographic launched “Planet or Plastic?”, a multiyear initiative aimed at raising awareness of this challenge and reducing the amount of single-use plastic that enters the world’s oceans. At a time when plastic waste has become a global environmental problem, the efforts to eliminate our reliance on single-use plastic represent an important way in which National Geographic Unique Lodges of the world can further demonstrate leadership in sustainable tourism best practices.
As a member of National Geographic Unique Lodges Thala are proud to sign the Planet or Plastic Pledge to eliminate all plastic bottles and straws across our entire property by 1 June 2019. Introducing refillable water bottles is a giant step towards achieving this.
Ten fun water facts
1. Approx 80% of brain tissue is made up of water
2. Each year Australians use enough water to fill Sydney Harbour almost 50 times over!
3. Camels are world champions at drinking water – they can drink approx. 94 litres in three minutes
4. Average cost per litre of bottled water in Australia: $2.50. Compared to Tap Water: zilp, zilch, zero, nada. Yep, that’s right, tap water is free!
5. Drinking water may help us to lose weight by speeding up our body’s metabolism
6. Hot water freezes faster than cold water (um, really? Go figure!)
7. Most of us could survive without food for a month but deny us water for approx. 7 days and we’re cactus
8. Speaking of cactus, their roots grow horizontal rather than vertical to capture as much water leeching through the soil as possible
9. Water is the only substance found naturally on the Earth in three forms: liquid, gas & solid
10. By the time you start feeling thirsty your body has already started dehydrating