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Getting married at Rayavadee is like nowhere else on earth. With panoramic views of paradise, a wedding at Rayavadee is beyond compare. Rayavadee offers a selection of bespoke experiences on your special day, be it a wedding, vow renewal or a traditional ceremony. Create your dream event with us and make it a memory of a lifetime.

A fantasy created from the depths of your imagination and brought to life amidst coconut groves, beaches, the Andaman Sea and the jungle-covered cliffs of Southern Thailand.
To help you concentrate on the more expressive details of your wedding celebrations, Rayavadee offers you the following experiences which may be fully customised with additions to create your dream event.

Rayavadee offers you special options to personalise your dream day. Our wedding planner can help you customise an experience to match your imagination.

Pool Pavilion Exterior

Ceremonial Options
Rayavadee is able to arrange a variety of ceremonies for you.

Traditional Thai Ceremony
Sai Mongkol, the traditional Thai blessing ceremony, is believed to unite the couple’s souls, linking symbolic loops of string from the bride to the groom. This is
followed by the Rod Nam ceremony, in which guests pour sacred water from a holy conch shell onto the hands of the bride and groom.

Buddhist Monks Ceremony
In addition to the Traditional Thai Ceremony, couples can choose to have an auspicious blessing performed by Buddhist monks, a ritual which Thais believe adds a spiritual dimension to their union

Renewal of Vows
A reaffirmation of vows as sacred as any wedding event.

Same Sex Union Celebrations
While same sex marriages cannot yet be legally registered in Thailand, we welcome same sex union ceremonies at Rayavadee.