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Thala Beach Nature Reserve celebrated it’s 21st birthday back in April this year.

The original owners are still the owners of this deluxe eco family-owned retreat, with 83 Bungalows set on 145 acres of tropical beachfront forest and Thala is the perfect base to explore the best of the Tropics with icons such as Daintree National Park and the Great Barrier Reef on the doorstep.

A bird audit was conducted 21 years ago, and only 40 special of birds were found on this previously degraded sugar cane plantation. We jump ahead to today and over the years, the owners planted many vines, shrubs, bushes and trees that are host plants for butterflies and birds; and the great news is that there are over 194 species of birds that have been found onsite at Thala today.

Thala Beach Nature Reserve has been awarded the highest Australian Eco-certification for maximising informative and meaningful experiences, whilst enhancing the local environment. The Thala experience adheres to the principals of global eco-tourism and guests leave a soft footprint in an environmental journey towards a better world.