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SLC is delighted to announce that we will be taking over the management of the Trip & Tonic Collection.

Originally set up by Tim Golds, the Trip & Tonic Collection is a curated selection of some of the highest quality, local experiences and accommodation across Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Many of the properties are owner-operated, and are born out of genuine passions: luxury tented camps dreamed up over a campfire chat amongst friends after a thrilling afternoon safari; live-a-board adventures curated from a lifelong passion for sailing; boutique hotels lovingly restored from former villas and residences, retaining their heritage whilst offering exceptional international standards. They are experiences with great stories to tell, offering something your clients will remember long after they are back at their desks!

We will be retaining the name Trip & Tonic Collection, and longer-term we hope to be able to replicate this success into other regions beyond Sri Lanka and Nepal.

We will be working with Tim on the handover, and he will be remaining within the travel industry in his next venture.

Please do get in touch if you have any queries, or would like further information on the portfolio.

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